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Karmayogi Shankarraoji Patil sahakari Sakhar Karakhana

Karmyogi Shankarraoji Patil Sahkari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd., Mahatma Phulenagar(Bijwadi), Tal. Indapur, Dist. Pune was Registered under the Maharashtra Co-Operative Socities Act. 1960 vide Registration No. PNA/PRG/7/4 Date 26.1.1984 Karkhana is Located Pune – Solapur Highway Road. The nearest Railway Station is Bhigwan which is about 30 KM. away from Karkhana. In the Area of operation most irrigation facilities i.e. One side canal irrigation and one side Ujani Dam Back water River most of water available i.e. most of Sugar cane production. The first crushing season was conducted in the year 1989/1990 with installed crushing capacity 1250 TCD Based on availability of Sugar cane in our area of operation Karkhana has modernized its sugar plan to achieve crushing 8000 Tones per day. Social Economic Development activities for Sugarcane Growers/ Share Holders (Farmers) (1) Karkhana has provided seed cance of improved varieties and various fertilizers to cane growers on credits basis. (2) Karkhana has made efforts to gets loans for members for wells, purchase of electric motors, tractors, trucks, crop loans etc. from banks and co-operative societies. (3) Karkhana has supplied press-mud, compost as a fertilizer and seeds for green organic manures to share holder in nominal charges. Karkhana has established educational institute at the factory site. Through this Technical Institute Educational Facilities and cultural activities are provided for workers and farmers in the area of operation. Karkhana has started library for various daily and weekly newspaper as well as monthly magazines and books for workers and farmers. The Internal Facility and T.V. is provided for the communication, entertainment and getting new knowledge which is about Agricuture to the workers and the farmers. The workers of the Karkhana have established consumers Co-operative Society. In short, the performance of karkhana is quite impressive. To exploit more benefit from this industrial complex, the management of the factory has decided to establish an ancillary activity namely distillery based in latest technology to produce Industrial alcohol (R.S.) or Portable alcohol (ENA) or Fuel 9 (Anhydrous Alcohol) alcohol from molasses and within five months karkhana has completed our Distillery Errection and Commissioning and taken trial successfully.